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About Ecopixel

Launched by Paul Hansen in 2002 in Burlington, Vermont, Ecopixel today provides Web development and Web services to many nonprofit organizations and municipalities.

Our Team

Paul Hansen

(he/him) — founder, designer, developer

Paul launched Ecopixel in 2002 and has been a web designer and developer since 1993. Today, that experience is put to work helping nonprofits and municipalities serve their communities.

Gabe Troyan

(he/him) — full stack developer

A versatile software engineer, Gabe develops the frontend and backend features of Ecopixel’s innovative websites. Gabe studied applied computer science at Champlain College in Burlington, Vermont.

What’s With the Name?

Our business name, Ecopixel, combines two areas of interest and expertise: environmental stewardship and web technology. Company founder Paul Hansen earned a degree in natural resources planning and also immersed himself in Web technology, photography and all things with “pixels.” That's why Ecopixel builds and supports websites for nonprofits and municipalities — the organizations that make our communities worth living in.

Contact Us

Ecopixel, LLC
PO Box 393
Essex Junction, Vermont 05453