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Design, Development and Support of CMS Websites

Responsive Web Design

Ecopixel can tailor a website to reflect the look and mission of your organization — in a website that is professionally built and supported. We'll build your website to today's Responsive Web Design standards and accessibility standards. The text and images of your website will flow neatly into formats that are optimized for smart phones and tablets, as well as laptop and desktop computers. Your content will be easy to read and navigate for users of all electronic devices, including touch screens.

Website ADA Compliance

Perhaps you know your website is required by law to be accessible, but what does that really mean? Your web developer told you that the new template is accessible, but what about all the content? In the real world, perhaps you are building accessible entrances or trails, yet online, your website may inadvertently present barriers equivalent to a flight of stairs. We’re here to help. Ecopixel builds sites that conform to WCAG 2.1 level AA and Section 508. We provide training and coaching so you can maintain your website’s accessibility throughout your ongoing content creation and entry. TYPO3 CMS supports all of the attributes you need to maintain an accessible website, including file metadata handling (“alt text” can be stored when you upload an image the first time) and accessible navigation.

Web Development

Ecopixel delivers a content management system (CMS) website that can grow with your organization. The open-source CMS platform allows our clients to edit their websites.

Built-In Web Tools

Our service comes out-of-the box with blogs, news, online forms, calendars and more.

Content Migration, Organization & Design and SEO

Perhaps you don't know where to start when it comes to organizing content for a website, making your information and photos look great, or working on search engine optimization (SEO). And how are you going to migrate your best content to a new website? We help our clients with all these things. We've done it many times before! 

Ongoing Support

From helping you organize your content prior to launch, to in-person training, to ongoing tech support — Ecopixel helps you make the most of your website.