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Ecopixel helps cities and towns by developing and hosting municipal websites

Posted Wednesday, August 17, 2016
— Ecopixel News, Municipalities
Website design for cities and towns
Website design for cities and towns

Upcoming public hearings, plans for new roads, volunteer committee openings, and details about recreation programs. All these things and so much more need to be shared on municipal websites. Ecopixel's municipal clients update their own websites with upcoming municipal meetings, meeting minutes and other documents, news, videos, photos, and more. And as they do, they only need to drop an email or phone call to have Ecopixel's help if they need it.

In Vermont, a recent law made it a requirement to promptly post and archive municipal meeting information and minutes on municipal websites. The goals of the rules include increasing citizen engagement as well as the transparency of government.

With Ecopixel's websites, municipal staff members post meeting minutes quickly and easily. They can also update meeting dates and times on a municipal calendar. With straight-forward, drop-down navigation and a well-organized homepage, these municipal websites make it easy for residents to get the information they need without digging around.

These websites are accessible and made to today's best Responsive Web Design standards, so they are easy to use on devices ranging from a phone to a very large screen.

To learn more about Ecopixel's websites for cities and towns, visit this page.