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Great feedback on one of our web projects!

Posted Tuesday, May 24, 2016
— Client Buzz, Nonprofits, Ecopixel News

Ecopixel's long-time client Clio Visualizing History creates wonderful history-related online exhibits. Ecopixel most recently did the web design and development for “Click! The Ongoing Feminist Revolution” and it's been getting terrific reviews. Here is a bit of what they are saying:

“This is fabulous! The information is so rich, the history so deep, and the design absolutely dazzling. Bravo!”

“Your website is fantastic! I don't know how you did it but its purview is wide and deep, the site is wonderfully user-friendly, and the whole project is a great contribution to women's history.” 

“Click! is exactly the digital resource we need to support the teaching of women’s history across the many audiences who now learn on the web. Its rich content, lively design and easy navigation are opportunities for exploration, a quick lookup or beginning research. Click! is on my bookmarks, and if you are teaching history, it should be on yours too.” 

“Click! captures the energy of the past half-century of American history and explains why women belong at the center of the narrative. Inviting and user-friendly, Click! is an unparalleled resource for teachers, students, and general enthusiasts of women’s history.”

Check out this interesting online exhibit about feminism, here!

See more of the kudos, here.