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Integrating your website with your favorite apps

Posted Tuesday, October 19, 2021
— Ecopixel News, Nonprofits
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One of our major ongoing initiatives here at Ecopixel is integrating your website with the variety of online services that are used by you, your colleagues, and your peers. By integration, we mean connecting two apps so they work well together. The integration may provide a more seamless experience for website visitors, or save staff time by exchanging data between the two services.

TYPO3: a great CMS for smooth integrations

Our favorite website platform, TYPO3 CMS, already makes it very easy to embed content from other websites. Its HTML content block lets you safely place embed code alongside other content, without worrying that you'll break something in your layout. Like all other content in TYPO3, you can easily move, hide, and reuse this block throughout your website.

TYPO3 also provides a rich ecosystem of built-in and add-on integrations. For example, YouTube and Vimeo videos are directly supported, so you can quickly add them to your website. The TYPO3 Extension Repository contains thousands of well-designed plugins that are free for all to use (the motto of the global TYPO3 community is “inspiring people to share”). Integrations are available for popular services like Instagram, Mailchimp, and Google Maps.

Developing specialized app integrations

In addition, Ecopixel is developing new TYPO3 integrations for the specialized services that our nonprofit and municipal customers need. These app integrations include advanced mapping services, citizen science apps, fundraising tools, constituent relationship management (CRM) software, and payment processors.

Ecopixel can even custom-develop a website integration for your critical but lesser-known app! We have the in-house TYPO3 CMS development talent to create and support connections with your other vital tools. We’re here to help your organization make the most of its website and improve its work flows.

Tell us about your favorite app!

What app integration is a must-have for your organization’s website? Let’s connect!